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Become the best version of yourself with the

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Production Process

Joalene Coco-Shea Cream is made of the finest organic ingredients known to mankind. We've created a luxury pomade that will be of high value to you. Joalene Coco Shea Cream is a natural source of organic hair magic from Mother Nature. Unprocessed and without chemicals. Each batch of Coco-Shea Cream is hand mixed carefully with grace and love. After mixing the consistency is checked by both team members, and are then bottled by hand. The bottling process is completed by labeling each jar by hand. Once labelled the bottles are wiped to shine with a silk cloth. 

The Team 

In late 2014 Caryl Dennett and Jynelle Cunningham grew an increased interest in natural ways of making and creating things. In January 2015 they decided to take a big leap, they bought a few resources and whipped up a homemade hair product. After introducing the finished product to persons they thought would be interested, the products were sold out in no time. They received good reviews and constructive criticism encouraging them to make this a big thing. It was then that they realized they had a bright future in their entrepreneurial journey.

In effort to expand their joint venture the partners' passion and hard work propelled them into the now established and successful business.

Why Joalene?

Joalene is a luxury brand created by Caryl Dennett and Jynelle Cunningham. We've created the "Human Experience" by connecting with each customer and sharing positive energy to all. We enjoy giving the best experience in great comfort. The gold (Joalene Coco Shea-Cream) that we've created is a passion that we are sharing with the world. This passion is crafted into a jar which yields the best results for every individual who uses this product.